Les Chalets Constellation

The new art of mountain living

Here, the wide-open spaces are challenging the realm of passion. Towering over the tumult of the valley below, the incredible show of the majestic summits awaits you.

Here, in the never-ending cycle of seasons, when the snow blankets the world in white or when nature awakens once again to put on its show of shimmering colours, escape is akin to reconnecting with the elements and discovering their surprises and secrets.

Here, daytime is lived hands open and lungs full. At night, eyes are raised to glance in wonder to the clear skies twinkling under a torrent of stars.

From fresh mountain pastures to deep, quiet forests, all is calm, harmony and pleasure.

Welcome to the world of Chalets Constellation.

Combloux, pearl of The Alps

This is a well-kept secret, nestled in the heart of the Mont Blanc region.

The resort village of Combloux has retained all the authentic charm of an alpine village. In the 19th century, Victor Hugo described it as “the pearl of the Alps in its setting of glaciers”.


Over the last few years, Combloux has earned its reputation as a singular, unforgettable destination. Less than one hour from the Swiss and Italian borders, it is ideally located; five minutes from Megève, ten minutes from Saint-Gervais and fifteen minutes from Sallanches.

This attractive location has tempted new clientele looking for conviviality and authenticity and explains why Combloux has become one of the most popular resorts for French and international clients.

Sitting like a natural stepped balcony, between 720 m and 1,784 m altitude, Combloux is blessed by an exceptional panorama over the “Roof of Europe”; majestic Mont Blanc, the mountains of Les Fiz, Les Aravis and Les Aiguilles Rouges. Sitting in a unique landscape that brings photographers flocking from around the world, it is a constant source of wonder for its inhabitants all year round.

Some history

The name Combloux was mentioned for the first time in the charter of the priory of Chamonix in 1284. In this parchment, the parish priest of “Comblo” used a seal symbolising a wolf’s head. From then on, the etymology used was “cumba lupis”, the valley of the wolves.

In 1344, the church was mentioned as Comblou. The village was part of the kingdom of Savoy and Piedmont-Sardinia, before finally being attached to France in 1860, after Napoleon III annexed Savoy and the county of Nice.

carte combloux Les Chalets Constellation au pays du mont blanc

Bad weather, famines and epidemics led to a rural exodus in the 18th century, but the village sprang to life again in the 1910s with the growth in hotels, the construction of the Grand Hotel, tourism and the 1924 Olympic Games. The whole of Paris would flock here to enjoy holidays in the fresh air.

Today, with 2,200 inhabitants (the population grows seven-fold during holiday periods), it ranks as the 25th wealthiest village in France.

Summer and winter, breathe life to the full

Combloux is a festival of pleasures in every season.

In summer and winter alike, dreams of climbing legendary peaks or escaping to alpine pastures for mountain walks becomes finally at your reach.

From the Rapture of High Peaks

A majestic coat of white covers the earth. This is winter. Time to let your love of open spaces and sliding take over.

The resort-village of Combloux sits at the heart of two outstanding ski areas, Les Portes du Mont Blanc and Évasion Mont Blanc. Everything becomes possible with kilometres and kilometres of slopes and, at every turn breath-taking views over the valley and its majestic Mont Blanc.

These wide-open spaces will delight downhill skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers, and anyone wishing to discover wild trails with snowshoes.

Les Portes du Mont Blanc

100 km of slopes

29 lifts

69 ski slopes

Évasion Mont Blanc

400 km of slopes

107 lifts

238 ski slopes

To the Joy of Thrills

And now, summer has arrived. It’s time to spread your wings. The mountain is a vast sports playground. It is also a place where you can contemplate and discover nature and its treasures.

In the heart of one of the richest regions of France, you have access to a multitude of activities. Whatever your preferences or age, there is something for everyone. Fill your albums and memories with a wealth of wonderful sights.

Down glacial torrents or through the air, thrill-seekers can practice all kinds of white-water sports, go mountain biking on fun and varied trails, try paragliding, or go trekking along valley trails and paths. The mountain’s legendary granite will attract climbers to fully secured climbing spots.





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